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Cheetah Mobile launcher now incorporates Microsoft’s Cortana

While Apple’s Siri, and Samsung’s Bixby, and Google’s Google Assistant have started expanding their digital assistant worlds, Microsoft’s Cortana is lagging a bit in terms of partnerships and availability. Now for the first time, they are integrating the voice-activated assistant into a mobile launcher, specifically the Cheetah Mobile (CM) Launcher. …

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Google Lens may have shopping and nature in its future

You find out some interesting things when looking at tech exec’s Twitter conversations with other people. Google Lens’ Engineering Lead Rajan Patel gave out some teasers about future plans for the visual analysis tool that is currently available only for Google Pixel devices. It’s still in its early days and …

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LINE app updated with ‘Unsend’ feature

In this day and age, we have no reason not to be able to communicate with one another. The past couple of decades, communication has tremendously developed. The advent of cellular network technologies and the Internet has allowed people, business, and industries to improve on work and processes. For the …

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