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Google’s Motion Stills now available for Android

Motion Stills was an app for iOS devices that Google released last year so that those who use the Live Photos feature can stabilize the short video clip taken before and after the photo. With the success of that app, Android users were clamoring to release a version of the …

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Updated NewPipe adds option to change speed of playback

If you may remember, the NewPipe app was released last year as a minimalist YouTube player for Android sans the Google Play services. This is good because there are some people who do not want Google to be tracking anything from their devices. With Google Play services, some data and information …

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Google launches Motion Stills for Android

Motion Stills was a previously iOS-exclusive app that allowed you to capture Live Photos which the app then stabilized and created loops out of. You could then share them as GIFs. It’s no secret that Google’s internal app teams love iOS, but now Android is finally getting some of that love. …

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Blade Runner 2049 VR game now available for Gear VR, Rift

For scifi film buffs, October seems so far away as the highly-anticipated reboot/sequel to the classic Blade Runner movie is set to come out in three months time. Blade Runner 2049 stars Ryan Philippe and the original film’s star Harrison Ford will reportedly still be a major part of it. …

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