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HTC smartphone president resigns

It’s hard to say that HTC is going through a rough patch, as the company’s troubles have been brewing for years. After recently posting its tenth-consecutive loss and setting low production goals for 2018, HTC has suffered another blow. The company’s long-running President of Smartphones and Connected Devices, Chialin Chang, has now resigned. HTC has stated that Chang’s resignation is due to “personal career plan.”

There is no replacement at this time, meaning that HTC’s Chairwoman and CEO, Cher Wang, will do her best to continue managing all aspects of the company. While the open position presents an opportunity for a fresh face and new ideas, it’s hard to see a successful path for HTC. With the company selling its Pixel business to Google for a cash influx, it has only its self-branded devices to rely on.

What do you think of HTC’s future? Can it find its way to recovery?

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