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Samsung Galaxy S9 may feature 3D emoji, dual speakers

Apple’s launch of the iPhone X is leading other manufacturers to push the boundaries of what users expect in a flagship smartphone. Excellent specs are no longer exceptional, but are simply expected. To compete, manufacturers are searching for features that differentiate their smartphones, without seeming too gimmicky. Samsung is Apple’s largest competitor and with the upcoming release of its Galaxy S9 smartphone, Samsung is looking to outshine the iPhone X.

One way in which Samsung may compete is by introducing 3D emoji. This feature will use the S9′s front-facing camera to analyze the face of the user and will create an emoji based off of the user’s appearance. This emoji will be more advanced than Apple’s Animoji and will be capable of fine expressions. It can also be used in place of emoticon and characters in messages.

Samsung is also adding 3D facial recognition (similar to Apple’s Face ID) and iris recognition, increasing the security features of the Galaxy S9. The fingerprint scanner will change in position to the rear of the phone.

Dual rear cameras will be a first for a Galaxy S smartphone, and Samsung is also outfitting the Galaxy S9 with dual speakers for greater volume and clarity for music, multimedia, and gaming. Per expectations, Samsung will also place a heavy emphasis on Bixby 2.0, its proprietary virtual assistant software.

Samsung will launch the Galaxy S9 on February 25, one day before Mobile World Congress 2018 begins in Barcelona.

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