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A Samsung ‘DeX Pad’ for the Galaxy S9 has leaked

The Samsung DeX Dock allowed you to turn your Galaxy S8 or S8+ into a computer for the low price of $150! The app compatibility wasn’t great and you’d still need to bring your own keyboard and mouse, but it’s a pretty cool idea. Let’s just forget that Huawei’s implementation of this requires a $12 USB-C to HDMI cable rather than a $150 dock.

Samsung isn’t giving up on the idea, which is good to hear. A potential accessory called the DeX Pad has leaked and it’s built for the Galaxy S9. Instead of holding the device upright, you lay the device down and plug it into the protruding port.


While this takes up more room on your desk, it’s meant to situate the phone so you can use it as a touchpad. This means you’ll need a keyboard but not a mouse. It can also be used as a virtual keyboard if you want to use a tiny keyboard, but that doesn’t sound comfortable.

Now if you like accessories that look like a Sega Genesis, this will be your jam. But I can’t imagine there was no way to make the dock look better when a phone isn’t it.  The rough plastic just isn’t pretty.

It’ll likely be around the same price as the previous product, so expect to pay a premium to use your shiny new Galaxy S9 as a computer. Let us know what you think of this new accessory in the comments!

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