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Google+ is getting a brand new Android app

Google+, Google‘s own social network, is still alive and kicking, which means that it requires some upkeep from time to time.

Over on the social network, Google+ engineering manager Leo Deegan has announced that the official Google+ app for Android is getting rewritten, which means a brand new app for the Android platform as well as a few new key features being added to the mix. According to Deegan, the new app is a total rewrite and is based off Google’s latest Android app infrastructure. That means the Android team will have an easier time implementing new features from this point on.

But right now, new features include better scrolling, a redesign for the photo lightbox, and post authors gaining the ability to see “gray-spammed comments”. Comment options will now slide up from a bottom sheet as well.

Deegan confirms a couple of important details. First, the new app is rolling out over the next several days. And second, there are some known issues, including one tied to posting a comment on a post which will completely refresh the post to add your comment. These issues are part of the process for an app rewrite, and they are being worked on.

How often do you check in with Google+?

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