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Google improves hotel and flight searches

Though the process of using a travel agent has been left in the past, today’s task of booking flights and hotels is a tedious process. Google has long worked to simplify the process, and Google Flights and Trips are two ways in which the search giant is utilizing its capabilities to streamline planning. To further simplify the process, Google is making some changes to hotel searches that coincide with flight search improvements.

On smartphones, hotel search users will now have better price filtering, convenient amenity information and the ability to book right from Google. Additionally, if you search for a flight, there will be a tab at the top for hotels. Users can simply click this tab to search for hotels at their destination. The opposite is true, so those searching for hotels can also easily click on the flights tab to find flights to their destination. To round it off, users can click “More Destinations” in the top left for suggested destinations and activities based on the info you’ve already entered.

These features should help out those who frequently travel, and particularly those who schedule and plan from their phone. What are your thoughts on the new features?

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