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Google may sell off Zagat

In a move overseen by Marissa Mayer back in 2011, Google bought the U.S.-based restaurant review guide Zagat for $151 million. But it looks like the brand’s time under the Alphabet/Google umbrella is coming to an end.

According to Reuters, Google is currently looking for a buyer to take Zagat off its hands. The report indicates that Google has already been in talks with multiple companies that might buy the service and that the sale could include the Zagat brand name as well as its website. As it stands right now, Zagat reviews are built into Google Maps and the service is maintained by a select few within Google.

There is no word on how much Google is looking to sell Zagat for. And while Google is talking to multiple companies in an effort to offload Zagat, it doesn’t necessarily sound like this is a deal that could be finalized soon.

As far as review sites go, Zagat is one of the biggest names in the game. Of course, Yelp has managed to gobble up the lion’s share of attention in the market, so it will be interesting to see if a new boost to the Zagat brand can happen with a new company takin the reins.

Do you use Zagat at all?

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