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Google Pixel Buds wireless headphones launch this fall for $159

Google opted to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack from its new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones, so it shouldn’t be too big a surprise to see they’ve also announced wireless headphones.

They are called Google Pixel Buds, and they are circular in-ear headphones that feature a single wire attaching the two buds together, but there’s no wire connecting the headphones to the phone itself. The Pixel Buds support gesture controls, which means owners can use swipes and taps to control things like music playback, volume, and answering phone calls. Touching the right earbud will activate Google Assistant.

The Pixel Buds also feature a nice trick for Pixel smartphone owners. Using Google Translate, these wireless headphones can translate a spoken language in real-time. It supports up to 40 languages to start.

Google Pixel Buds official

There is a charging case which features Fast Pair. It will allow the owner to pop open the case with the Pixel Buds inside and quickly pair them to an Android phone running Marshmallow or newer. The charging case packs a 620mAh battery inside and can give 24 hours of battery life in total to the Pixel Buds over several charges. As for a single-charge, the Pixel Buds can last around five hours.

The Pixel Buds launch in November for $159. Are you picking some up?

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