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Sprint plans on launching its 5G network in late 2019

Sprint, following in the steps of the other major wireless networks, has officially announced its own (vague) plans to launch a 5G network.

Today, Sprint announced that it is collaborating with Qualcomm and SoftBank to “develop technologies for 5G, including the 3GPP New Radio (NR) standard in Band 41 (2.5GHz) for accelerated wide-scale 5G deployments.” Unfortunately for us, Sprint’s announcement is pretty lean on the details, so all we’ve got to go on here is that, by late 2019, Sprint wants to have its 5G network ready to go for subscribers.

While the announcement says “wide-scale,” there’s no exact wording on where this 5G network will be available in two and a half years. Will it be nationwide? Or will it be available only in metropolitan areas to start? Right now that remains a mystery.

Sprint adds that it will provide commercial services and devices by late 2019, but, again, nothing more than that. So it appears that Sprint is just jumping on the hype train at this point, like the other carries, when it comes to announcing plans for a 5G network.

T-Mobile has said that it wants to have nationwide 5G coverage by 2020. Before that, AT&T launched its “5G Evolution” network in one market, with plans to expand it until its proper 5G network can launch at some point in the future. And Verizon is testing its own 5G network this year as well.

Are you as excited for faster download speeds as the carriers appear to be?

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