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Google Spaces is shutting down in April

Back in May of last year, Google launched a new app for small groups to share content. Google thought it would make doing that sort of thing easier, but it looks like that didn’t work out.

Google announced today that it is officially shutting down Spaces on April 17, 2017. The shutdown process will actually start on March 3, though, when Google will make Spaces read-only. That means you’ve only got about a week, if you are using Spaces, to add new content and share it.

Users have until April 17 to save, print, and read their content. Once that date rolls around, though, Google’s deleting everything.

As for a reason why Spaces is getting the final curtain, Google doesn’t really specify. It does say in the announcement that it was a “tough decision” and that it’s “tough to say goodbye,” for what that’s worth. Google will also be using whatever it learned in the rollout of Spaces to improve other Google services, but what that actually entails remains a mystery.

So, the big question: Did you ever use Spaces?

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