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Sponsored Game Review: Idling To Rule The Gods

Idling To Rule the Gods is a game that is built upon the notion of doing just what the name suggests – ruling the gods. It’s not possible to do this right away, however, because the gods are powerful and you are merely one person. The game has you building up your character to untold heights of power so you’re able to defeat each god one by one until you have taken down all of them. You’ll need to train, fight monsters, and enhance your abilities if you’ll hope to become the strongest. Let’s have a look at how Idling To Rule the Gods plays out shall we?

Before you can start down your own path you’ll need to head to the Play Store and download Idling To Rule the Gods on your device.


Upon opening the game you’ll first be tasked with creating your character. You can choose between male and female, as well as select your name and change up some of their appearance.


After your character is created you’re taken to the main screen where you’ll spend a lot of your time. You’ll see your character avatar to the very left of the display, along with stats for HP, power, and the like just below your character.


The game can take a little bit of getting used to, so I found it best just to poke around and tap on each button to see what it does or where it takes you. The game is heavily text based, so when you do things like create shadow clones to fight for you or train, you won’t see any of this played out visually other than with the increasing numbers on the screen.


As you train or battle monsters, you get stronger and are able to obtain god power, which is a type of in-game currency that can be used to boost your stats, or to increase the maximum number of clones you can create, which seems to start at 1,000.


While you can spend a fair amount of time interacting with the game, it is not too different from titles like Clash of Clans where you’ll spend a few minutes tapping around the display putting things in order, then leaving the game be for hours or days.


Idling To Rule the Gods is already set up to work if you put it down so it will continue to do it’s thing unless you close out the game. The game even has an “afk mode” which uses up less of your battery power while it progresses, and there’s a toggle that you can enable to bring up an afk screen if you still want something to look at.


Once you’ve become strong enough you can try your hand at defeating the first god on the list, and as you battle and defeat gods you can unlock other parts of the game, such as planets, or the ability to build monuments from the “build” screen. If something requires you to defeat a god before you’re able to interact with it, the game will tell you and it will inform you of who you need to defeat.


Idling To Rule the Gods can be a fun game if you spend the time to progress, and this is what I found personally. Due to its heavy text-based gameplay and the built-in mechanics to continue your game progression even while the game is idle, you can do a few things in game and come back to it, and as the main goal in the game is to defeat gods and get stronger, you’ll absolutely have to put it down from time to time and let things be, as it takes quite a long time to get strong enough to defeat even the first god.


  • Speed (4.5/5) – The game had no issues with working quickly or doing what you ask it to do.
    Theme (3.5/5) – The UI is basic, but there is nothing wrong with that as it helps to engage you with the text more.
    Features (5/5) – There is actually quite a lot to do in this game.
    Overall (4 /5) – A decent game especially as it’s one you don’t have to spend every second interacting with to enjoy.


  • A little easier to play once you get the hang of things
  • AFK Mode
  • Lots of things to do
  • Minimal interaction needed for things to happen in game (game can be put down and your character can still progress with battles, training etc.)


  • The game can be a bit of a slow start, and at first it was quite difficult to understand what I needed to do. Having said that, there is an ability to access the forum and FAQ that explain things a little bit so users do have help in learning how to play.

Overall, Idling to Rule the Gods is a game which you’ll likely find yourself playing a few times a day, perhaps for 5 minutes at a time, perhaps for longer. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to stay engaged with it until you’re finished playing, you can put it down and walk away and things continue, and when you come back your character is magically stronger as he or she has continued to train and fight monsters. There is also something about the challenge it takes to defeat a god that makes you want to play a bit more. All in all, if given a little time, the game can be pretty fun and is definitely worth a look.

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