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New Emoji Coming To Android Nexus Devices Next Week

Tacos and unicorns, coming soon to a Nexus near you

Guys. Guys. There is news, and it’s about emoji. Stop the presses.

In a tweet that will surely go down in history, Google’s Hiroshi Lockheimer announced the imminent arrival of hot dogs, robots, and champagne to Nexus devices next week.

The detective, the crab, and the metal sign will be bundled into a new system image that includes a new keyboard, font, and new code as well. Both the emoji and the font will be shared with other OEMs (Original equipment manufacturer) so that everyone on Android is soon able to join the emoji party.

What comes to your room if you send the flamenco dancer to reception? Communicate Via Emoji In This Bizarre Manhattan Hotel

We are now one step closer to the dream of emoji-only communication. Get room service by sending out for the banana, react on Twitter with the monkey covering its eyes, get hyped for the upcoming emoji movie with that screaming guy, or just kick back and enjoy this collection of hi-larious emoji apps.

How long ’til someone names their child after the pile of poo? I don’t have kids but I’m told this is accurate for babies in general.

Source: Android getting new emoji, will roll out to Nexus devices next week

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Here are poems written in emoji. Please don’t lament the end of language in the Comments below. We’ve had this conversation. It’s over. Let it go.

New Emoji Coming To Android Nexus Devices Next Week

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