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Instagram Testing Multiple Account Support

The holidays are here early for internet marketers

Social media managers, small business owners, and Instagram bloggers rejoice. Instagram (Android, iOS) is finally testing a feature that lets you toggle between multiple accounts. For all you everyday users, this isn’t necessarily earth-shattering news for you, so, though it might be strange to say so, feel free to stop reading right now.

But for those of you, my social media manager brethren, who find it so tedious to log out, log back in, keep all those crazy passwords handy, and wishing things could just be more streamlined: Instagram has finally heard us. Happy Insta-Holidays, our lives just got easier. Goodbye, third party apps.

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2015 has seen Instagram skyrocket through the social media platform ranks as the platform that garners the most engagement and the best way to increase brand awareness. The problem though, is that Instagram was solely focused on the everyday user.

To keep up with the rising tide of internet marketing, the app has seen a slew of updates. Videos, carousel ads, and advertising in general have now crept onto our feeds. This new beta is a natural extension, one that many social media managers can celebrate and appreciate, myself included.

The beta is only on Android (surprisingly, not on iOS yet), and only for a very select group of testers. Personally, I cannot wait for the day it comes full force to iOS. Hello, efficiency.

Source: Instagram Starts Rolling Out Multiple Account Support On Android

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Are you a social media manager? Will you be using this new feature? Tell us in the Comments below!

Instagram Testing Multiple Account Support

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