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Emoji Reactions Come To Twitter

Twitter’s flexing its wings, now featuring emoji reactions

Twitter’s always been characterized by simplicity above all else: just 140 characters, a hashtag, the favorite star, and retweets. But it looks like even the little blue bird’s following the current “merely Liking is not enough!” trend.

After a recent swap of the classic favorite star for a little red heart in the name of internationalization, Twitter is experimenting with emoji reactions, just like Facebook did a month back.

The new options mean that you’ll be able to express exactly how you feel about a tweet with a ton of emojis at your fingertips. We’re not talking just the typical yellow faces either; even the monkey covering his eyes and the smiling turd have made their way to Twitter. If you sort through all those emoji and still don’t find an adequate means of expressing yourself, however, you may be forced to write a little bit – watch out for that.

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Honestly, it seems like a serious waste of time to have to sort through a bajillion emoji reactions for each and every tweet. In a platform like Twitter, where simplicity reigns supreme, this new system looks like a step backwards, a flailing attempt to seem like other platforms and blindly follow trends. Wouldn’t a full heart and maybe a broken one be enough? The star wasn’t sufficiently neutral or what?

Won’t be long before we find out if the experiment is a success or not. If so, maybe they could be a creative way for the company to monetize? If you really need to respond with the flamenco dancer, maybe you should have to fork over a couple cents for the privilege.

One thing is certain: emojis are here to stay.

Source: Not Into The Hearts? Twitter Appears To Be Testing Multi-Emoji Reactions

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What do you think about emojis invading Twitter? Useful or superfluous? React (emoji free, please) in the Comments below.

Emoji Reactions Come To Twitter

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