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Fist Bump Networking With The Apple Watch

Apple Watch is working on a new way for you to share contact information

You’re at a party, a networking lunch, or maybe you just meet a new awesome person on the streets. Five minutes later, you wish you had gotten their name, their number, anything.

Well, you’re in luck. Rumors are flying around that Apple is working on a new product for Apple Watch. Soon, there might be a setting where fellow Apple Watch wearers can fist bump and automatically share their contact information.

The Apple Watch will be able to recognize familiar greeting gestures, such as handshakes, fist bumps, high fives, bowing, and even possibly that crazy complicated handshake you had with your best friend when you were six. The Spanish dos besos and chest bumping will be harder to register.

Questions of safety and privacy abound, but the feature will probably have to be enabled on your Watch for the fist bumping action to occur. Be careful who you high five if you have this turned on.

If you’re like me and high five people on the path during your morning run, you’re likely to spread your contact information to way more people than you probably intended.

Source: Apple Watch ‘smart fist bumps’ shown in Apple patent

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Would you enable this function on your wrist? Do you think this feature is useful? Leave us your thoughts in the Comments!

Fist Bump Networking With The Apple Watch

Source: appszoom
Read From Source: Fist Bump Networking With The Apple Watch

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