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The Pain And the Glory Of Upgrading My iPhone 4S To iOS 8

Whilst everyone else is clamouring for the iPhone 6, I just want the iOS 8 to work perfectly well on my iPhone 4S. So, I’m going to journal my journey of how a humble iPhone 4S user upgrades to the much awaited iOS 8. You may want to read my entry.

17 Sep – 19:57

Early in the evening, I receive an email from Appszoom’s CEO, Albert, who appears to be somewhat frustrated that he can’t upgrade to iOS 8 because of an error.

I am facing the same challenge: upgrade to iOS 8 when the whole world is trying to do exactly the same thing. What happens next was… mostly, a whole lot of nothing, meaning 1) the family not getting their dinner on time, and 2) going to bed with still no upgrade.

I sit tight on the software update screen and wait patiently to receive my install.

17 Sep – 20:24

I reach the following screen. Ack!

So I quickly delete apps I swore I never would, cursing the day I opted for a 16GB storage thinking it would obviously be enough. My precious Evernote has to go, along with plenty of my photos, just so I can make space for the 4.5GB space that Apple was demanding to install my new iOS 8.

After 20 minutes of this (and with a hungry family looking on at me), I manage to clear the way for iOS 8. I wonder if I just need the space for the download, praying I will be able to download my precious Evernote again.

17 Sep – 20:44

Finally, I see this screen. Enough bumming around waiting! Time to go to bed.

Clearly, the Apple software update robot will let me know when it’s good and ready, and not a moment before.

18 Sep – 09:11

As I’m doing my morning email check, bopping away to Toni Braxton’s Please, I receive a message on my iPhone.

OMG, what a demanding piece of equipment. My battery reserves aren’t high enough to install the software.

I refuse to freak out. I want it, so I’ll have to play ball. I plug in my charger and sit waiting – patiently – for the install to happen.

It quickly heats up like I’d left it on the side of the road in Death Valley. Forget the burning questions I had before, my precious phone is what’s going to be in flames… I need a fan on it, quick smart.

18 Sep – 10:09

Finally… it’s done.

I’m happy to let it update iCloud settings, but far too exhausted to play with it now.

Next update: I’ll check out what’s up with this new wonderful iOS 8 and find out if my iPhone 4S can handle it!

Shoutout to #TeamiPhone! How’s your own update process rolling along? Let me know in the comments!

The Pain And the Glory Of Upgrading My iPhone 4S To iOS 8

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