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Warning: iOS 8 Will Make Your iPhone 4S Slow To A Crawl

After taking a very long time to upgrade my iPhone 4S to the iOS 8, I thought I would be contented at last. I was mistaken! This is the third installment of my iOS 8 journal. You may want to read my and journal entries.

Since my last post, I’ve been asked many times:

Should I upgrade my iPhone 4s to the iOS 8?

My answer is a resounding:


Don’t do it until you have to, until you absolutely must. In fact, it’s so bad for me, I swear, sometimes I want to throw my once beloved iPhone out of the window. It’s gotten so bad, I bit the bullet and just ordered the iPhone 6; even though it was my intention to wait until March so I could get a better deal.

Would you like to know why iOS 8 doesn’t work well for me? Read on, my friend, read on!

  • Slow
  • Lags (is that the same as slow?)
  • Black screen freeze (with Apple logo)
  • In app screen freeze (have to wait it out!)
  • Slow (repetition for emphasis)

Many of the apps I use have been optimized for iOS 8, so I wasn’t expecting many problems, but I was wrong.

Having said all this, if you don’t upgrade you actually do miss out on some new cool features – so it’s swings and roundabouts, really. You can either maintain the speed of your phone with the antiquated features, or you can trade in that speed for access to some nifty new features.

Adding your favorite apps in the notification center

Inline photos for the native iMessage

Email reply notification

Delete your photos with a 30 day cancellation window

Presenting predictive text: Quick Type

Spotlight search got an upgrade too

All in all, I’m impressed with the new software (and the subsequent two mini upgrades since its release). I just wish it would work well on the iPhone 4S.

So, I’m patiently waiting for my Sexy Silver iPhone 6. Maybe that was the point: slow the old versions down so much that they rush out to buy the iPhone 6/Plus. There’s just one problem – they didn’t account for the demand, so I have to wait three to five weeks for it!

In the meantime, all you iPhone 4S owners, will you upgrade to iOS 8?

Warning: iOS 8 Will Make Your iPhone 4S Slow To A Crawl

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