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Rovio's Christmas Gifts

It’s december 2013 and we are still talking about Rovio, the most well known Finnish company aside from Nokia, exactly four years after their very first Angry Birds release.

This time is about the release of Angry Birds Go!, (Android, iOS) the downhill karting game. Although it was harshly criticized as soon as the first screenshots came up, in the end it’s a good and fun game (it got a worthy 8.9/10 rating) and it is up to what you could expect from Rovio in every level. Furthermore, we all should be happy about how Rovio has managed it to continue releasing so high quality games for free and tries every time to somehow innovate under the umbrella of Angry-bird-ism. Conclusion: Rovio did it again. It won’t break the top of the charts, but there it is enlightening the path for those to come behind.

Simultaneously, three new huge updates have been released:

One for the old, classic Angry Birds (Android, iOS), adding 30 new levels to the vast amount it already had, plus abilities and potions (did you know there are potions in, did you? maybe it’s time to dig it up). Whether you like it or not, it’s to be praised how much Rovio staff care and look after their beloved golden egg layer game, and example of how a game can be regularly updated and be able to keep players’ attention over time instead of releasing many similar games over again.

Other for Angry Birds Seasons (Android, iOS), which is becoming a sort of expert mode because the odder and wicker levels designed by Rovio end up there. These new levels are in a whole new world called “Arctic Eggspedition”, emulating the brave trips of yonder.

Lastly, there’s the latest update for Angry Birds Star Wars II (Android, iOS), featuring quite a few new levels (up to 40!), half for the Sith Pigs and half for the Force Birds. Although there’s a flaming debate, majority of players and critics alike believe that AB:SW 2 is the best game in the series, as it smartly combines classic Angry Birds gameplay, new physics from Angry Birds: Space (Android, iOS) and a recognizable franchise such as Star Wars.

As if all this wasn’t enough, Rovio is the only developer so far that has been able to bring to mobile gaming a profitable merchandising strategy. Plush toys, Telepods, clothing and any kind of side products are being sold everywhere. Rovio has achieved the feat of placing some Angry Birds in Santa’s sack, and that’s something only a few can brag about.

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Rovio’s Christmas Gifts

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