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YouTube Pay Subscription Channels Expected This Week

If you get tired of looking at cat videos, or just want to view more professionally made ones, you may soon be able to log on to some premium content on Youtube, that it could start offering it to select content creators as early as this week. But there will be a price tag.

The video sharing giant is about to launch in United States 50 premium channels for which users would pay a relatively small fee of $1.99 per month for access, according to a published report. The London-based Financial Times said the Google-owned service has been working on getting its subscription paywall up and running for months, and it would provide more shared revenue between Google and content creators, whom may charge users for access to its contents.

The Financial Times report did not disclose what the revenue split between YouTube and its content creators might be, but those earlier reports said YouTube planned to take 45 per cent. If true, that’s significantly more than the 30 per cent that companies like Apple and Google take for app sales, for example. There has also been no word on which channels would get the subscription treatment, though it’s fairly safe to say we’re not talking about funny cat videos, here. Most of the major Hollywood studios now have YouTube channels, as do TV networks ranging from HBO to the BBC.

If it offers pay subscription channels, youTube is surely looking at succes of Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime in selling subscriptions for streaming content. And the advent of Internet set-top boxes made by Apple, Intel, Roku and others show that top companies are banking on increased interest in Web content.

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YouTube Pay Subscription Channels Expected This Week

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