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Whatsapp Allows You To Hide From Stalkers

If you’ve ever stalked someone in Whatsapp, one of the main perks was being able to check your long-lost love or evil enemy’s last connection and weigh on whether they’d read your message and blatantly ignored you.

A few days ago, I post asking developers to add some new features to their Whatsapp copycat apps, such as knowing if someone actually read your messages (you were still naively considering they just didn’t see it). Well, as you can expect, they haven’t still taken notice of my advice, but what bothers me the most is that now, Android’s Whatsapp has decided to deny our rights to know that vital information.

Of course, in the eyes of your victim, this might seem like the greatest idea ever and the possibility of finally achieving internal peace, but for the stalker, it can have dramatic consequences and nervous breakdowns.

Hide your status, last connection and profile picture from everyone

Anyway, Whatsapp’s last update allows users to hide Last Seen, Status and Profile Picture to anyone and it’s really easy to set it up. Just go to Settings -> Account -> Privacy and select your audiencie (Nobody, Contacts or Everbody) and voilà!

You have now two options: the first one, which would make you a good samaritan is to tell anyone who still doesn’t know about this option (maybe by sharing this post, wink, wink, nudge, nudge ). The second option, which we totally respect, is to remain silent and pray they never find out.

As a curiosity, we’ve discovered that, if you hide your information from the rest of the world, you won’t be able to see it from others. It seems pretty fair, right? Quid pro quo.

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Whatsapp Allows You To Hide From Stalkers

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