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Security Alert: Twitter Introduces Two-Step Login Verification

Whenever you log into your email or social network accounts, you may have that bugging feeling of someone stealing your password and, therefore, having open access to all your personal data and conversations. Google already asks you from time to time to input your phone number in order to get a code and then verify your Gmail account with it. Well, Twitter goes a little further in this account verification and takes it to the login process. You read it right- from here on out, and only if you want it like that, you’ll have to type your password plus a verification code to sign in. A two-step authentication mechanism that now the notorious Kim Dotcom, founder of the megapopular -and megashutdown by the FBI- Megaupload claims to have invented.

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The new login method for Twitter is, of course, optional as you must fiddle first with your account settings (select the “Require a verification code” option) and save your phone number. Each time you sign in, you’ll always get a SMS with a six-digit code after you’ve input your password correctly. Still, and even if you think that you’ve found the Holy Grial to avoid Twitter hacking, the company reminds of the importance of “using a strong password and follow the rest of their advice for keeping your account secure“.

The downside of the new feature is that it doesn’t work with all the mobile carriers so far, thus, you may have to make sure if your provider is on the list of the early adopters in your specific country. But the company trust to deliver “more account security enhancements” in the next months.

Security Alert: Twitter Introduces Two-Step Login Verification

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Read From Source: Security Alert: Twitter Introduces Two-Step Login Verification

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