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Chrome & Drive For Android Updated With Interesting New Features

When it comes to updates, it’s better two (or more) at a time. That’s what Android users are getting today for two of the most used Google apps: Chrome and Drive.

Chrome for Android gets fullscreen browsing

First off, Chrome for Android has been updated to version 27 which finally brings to phones one of the most anticipated features: full screen browsing. From now on, users just need to scroll down the page and the toolbar will disappear, making the most of the available space in the screen. However, that’s not the only new feature that version 27 comes with. Searching is easier now: the query keeps visible in the omnibox after tapping “search” which enables users to tweak it for a more accurate search. No need to type (or swype) the query over and over again.

Tablet owners are also getting their share; a feature that was surprisingly missing on tablets: Tab history. To make it pop up, users just have to long-press browser back button. Such easy. Finally, the browser has been optimized regarding performance and stability. Some minor bugs has been fixed and the outcome is noticeable. Haven’t updated it yet? What are you waiting for? Click the widget below and start enjoying these new features.

According to Google, Chrome for iOS is getting version 27 update in the next few days. It’s bringing voice search feature that recently got Chrome for desktops. What’s more, it is expected some other improvements regarding faster navigation and cache management.

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Google Drive: cards & scan

It seems that the folks at Mountain View are trying to extend Google Now’s interface to all their apps. At least, that’s the path they’ve taken with Google Drive, which last update has been unveiled a few hours ago. Thus, Google Drive for Android has been facelifted with a card-style layout (Google Now style) to make easier finding the files you store in there. Cards, displayed as thumbnails in a grid, are way more attractive than a files text list. Besides attractiveness, it seems more efficient too: since the file content is previewed, users can find what they are looking for faster and manage files in a handy way. Thumbs up for that.

The other big feature that this new update introduces is Scan. From now on, users can capture any physical document and upload them to Google Drive in a matter of seconds. The integrated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology allows turning any “captured” document into a PDF. Simply click “scan”, snap a photo of the document and Drive app will turn it into a PDF, ready to be upload and stored. Sounds good, isn’t it? I’m pretty sure this is going to save your *** too many times.

Finally, two more features. First, an improved editing experience in Google Sheets: font types and sizes, as well as cell text colors and alignments are now editable. Second, Google Drive now comes with Cloud Print support through Cloud Ready printer, which allows to order printing from your smart device to wireless connected devices.

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Chrome & Drive For Android Updated With Interesting New Features

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