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Android 4.4 Kitkat Round Two

A few days ago, Google announced that the awaited new Android version is going to be called KitKat. An Android KitKat statue was unveiled in the Googleplex, the Android website was accordingly updated and Nestlé C-level staff uncorked champagne somewhere in the uppermost floors of the Swiss company headquarters. There has been even an hilarious Nestlé announcement parodying Apple presentations (here). There are four bars of chocolate in every Kitkat tablet, and this Android version is 4.4 and not 5.0 as everybody expected, so graphic designers in both companies are jumping for joy. In addition, no money was exchanged, hence no taxes are paid and, pay attention, both companies are now able to talk about ‘friendship’ and how big deals can be signed by people instead of an army of lawyers. It’s the Nirvana of marketing and many advertising executives worldwide are now biting their nails and wondering why nobody dared to forecast such a great idea.

However, Google hasn’t arrived where it has doing foolishnesses, and it was easy to get an unbearable backlash, an utter ridicule, so these two corporations synced their watches and carefully planned their moves. They should work at once in order to make clear that it not only wasn’t a bad taste joke, but also one of the greatest plays in the game. Of course, Apple representatives will let out a nice speech about how their company is not sold to anyone, but damn it, nobody is talking about Apple at this moment. In the end, people is loving 4.4 KitKat before even knowing a thing about it, just because they (we) have been surprised, and we all know how much we like surprises.

In hindsight, Key Lime Pie was an awful idea. Firstly, because it lacked the surprise factor that posh companies like so much. Said otherwise, KLP wouldn’t have unleashed breaking news in every single media everywhere. There wasn’t any chance to make a press note telling that the new Android version was going to be called Key Lime Pie, because everybody already knew that. Secondly, because that Android dessert thing is funny and original, but key lime pies aren’t such popular in the US, let alone abroad where it’s something unheard of. It may be, in plain English, too “American”, and might provoke rejection there and over there.

A last word: knowing what we know now, will we dare to foretell what will be Google’s next step? Will Android 5.0 be called Android Lays, or has this been a once in a lifetime shot? Which companies are standing in a queue outside Google offices to get their products promoted? Don’t forget that we’re talking about Android, and talking about Android means several thousands of millions of devices… and users.

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Android 4.4 Kitkat Round Two

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